Domain Whois Database: What It Says About Your Domain Name

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After domain name registration, the registrar is required by ICANN to list your record in their domain Whois database. A domain Whois database is a web directory that lists vital information about the ownership of any domain name. Although millions of people own domain names, few know about their listing on the Whois database. And this is disadvantageous because it can hurt them. If you own a domain name and you don’t know about Whois database, this piece can give you information on what is available in the database:

Domain Whois contains information on who registered the domain

Your name and physical address will appear on the Whois database once you register a domain name. This is why, as a business owner, it’s vital that you have full ownership of your domain name. However, if you’re using a free web hosting service, you are not in control of your domain name.

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Date of domain name registration

Domain name registration date is the date when the domain was originally registered. This is the domain name birthdate. You may have bought a domain from someone else, but the birthdate of the domain will remain.

Domain name registration and expiry date

When you register a domain name, you will be required to choose an annual, two year or even 10-year plan. If you choose a one year plan, it means your domain name will expire one year from the date of registration. The domain Whois database will help you know the exact date of your domain name expiry. Also, if you put up your domain name for sale, the buyer will research the domain name by checking out its details in the Whois database.

Domain Whois contains the administrative contact of the domain name

When you register a domain name, your details will be entered as the administrative contact. And if you want to keep your private information from being publicly available on the Whois database, you can always choose private registration. But you’ll have to part with a small fee to do that.

Domain Whois contains technical contact

If you’re skilled enough to handle technical issues with your domain name, you’ll be listed as the technical contact. But the majority of registrars opt to put their technicians as the technical contact.

Domain Whois contains your site’s domain servers

All domain names tether to nameservers. Nameservers are simply where your files are situated. These files make up your website. Your registrar is required to submit 2 nameservers to the domain Whois database. Nameservers play a crucial role in determining your search engine rankings.

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