The Main Differences Between Premium (paid) And Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

For new startup business owners, free web hosting is an attractive proposition. That’s because it eradicates the initial and recurring costs related to premium web hosting. But before creating your website, you need to know the main differences between premium (paid) web hosting and free web hosting. Below is a rundown of the main differences:

Reliability of web hosting

Reliability is one of the key features that separates premium web hosts from free web hosts. Typically, free web hosting providers don’t offer the kind of uptime provided by premium web hosting providers. That’s means if you host your website with a free hosting provider, you are bound to experience a lot of downtimes. Frequent downtimes can impact your business. For example, when customers log into your business website and are met with downtime errors, they will simply head to the competition. Premium web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime, which means your website will be ever online.

The uniqueness of web hosting

When we talk about uniqueness, we mean domain name. When you subscribe to a free web hosting plan, your domain name will have the providers name in the URL. For example, if you host with free WordPress, your domain address will read like this: Such domain addresses are not good when you’re operating a serious business website. It shows lack of professionalism and uniqueness. And in today’s business world, uniqueness and professionalism are great selling points. On the other hand, premium web hosting companies offer unique and professional domain names that reflect the nature of your business. This makes your business website unique.

Web hosting and search engine rankings

Search engines frown upon free hosted websites. First, they don’t have a short and easy to remember domain name. Secondly, free websites are always loaded with ads. Thirdly, spammers take advantage of free hosted websites to create dummy websites to scam people. Search engines dislike these things; which is why they don’t index and rank most free hosted websites. A professionally hosted website, on the other hand, comes with attractive, short and memorable domain names. They don’t come with the variables listed above, which is why search engines have a high appetite for them. If you Google any keyword right now, you’ll rarely find a free hosted website on the first page.


Other differences between premium and free web hosts include bandwidth and storage, as well as customer service and support. Premium web hosts offer the best of both. Therefore, even if you’re starting your own business today, it’s a good idea to start with your best foot forward. And that means choosing a premium web hosting over free web hosting.

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