The Need to Keep Domain Whois Record Current

Domain Whois Record Current

In the process of domain name registration, the registrar will require that you provide specific information about yourself for the registration to go through. Some of the most critical information the registrar will require include your phone number, name, email address, and physical address. Without this information, your domain name registration won’t go through, and someone could snap up the domain name.

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But after registering the domain name, you need always to keep this information updated because you might decide to change your residence, your email address or other details. However, many people disregard this aspect until they get notification of expiry of their domain names. Registrars usually send out notification of domain expiry early enough so that you can make plans to renew your domain name. They know that most people don’t keep track of their domain names. But if the email address you supplied is not in use, you will not get that notification. You will only realize it when your website is no longer functional because the domain name has been taken.

Let’s see what transpires after domain name registration expiry

When your domain name expires, the registrar gives you a grace period (usually 30 days) to renew your domain name. Within this period, your website won’t be online, because it would be reset to the domain name registry. If you fail to renew the domain name within the 30-day grace period, it’s expunged from the domain registry database. The domain will then be put into ‘’redemption status” at the registry level. You could still buy back the domain name but at a much higher price. The redemption status takes 40 days. However, the timeframe depends on the registrar. After the expiry date, the domain name is deleted from the registry and made available for registration.

This is where expired domain brokers come in. These brokers buy these expired domain names and list them on domain auction sites at significant prices. Essentially, these domain name brokers are patient and will only sell to the highest bidder, because they know the value of the domain name.

If the owner failed to renew the domain name after expiry due to ignorance, and not taking action fast enough when the grace period expires, some registrars would not contemplate selling the domain name to them again. They will prefer to sell it to someone else.


With all that said, it’s easy to see why you should keep your domain name details current. You should also keep track of your domain so that you don’t leave it to expire. It’s painful to spend a ton of time to search for domain name ideas, choose the best name, register it, only to lose it later on.

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