Paid or Free website builder – What to look for when making a choice and our recommendation for businesses in the US

A lot of people think that running an online business is incredibly easy, however we can definitely say that that is not even remotely true. The whole process of running an online store is just as challenging as complicated as running a brick and mortar store, and something that a lot of people don’t know is that there is a lot of work to be done before the online store can even start working. Your website is what represents your business in the online world, so you know why it is important that you make sure that it looks good, so imagine how much more careful you need to be when the website is actually your store. Luckily, there are now a lot of different tools that you can use in the form of a website builder. Today were going to talk to you about a few things that you need to look for in these tools, as well as talk to you a bit about our favorite option for your business in the US, so definitely make sure to keep reading.

Ease of use

No matter how good a certain platform is, we always say that Norm out of tools is worth it unless you can actually use them. A lot of business owners think that paying more money and getting more tools is the only way to get a good online store, however that is definitely not the case.

These tools tend to be quite expensive, so the last thing you want to do is spend more money for something that you don’t know how to utilize to its full potential. Because of that, we always encourage users to look for a part from that is easy to use, while also giving all of the necessary tools that will result in a professional and completely functioning online store. Ease of use for us means applied from that has a user-friendly interface that you can manage easily, as well as apart from that will give you easy access to all of the tools that you may need in order to design and run your online store. These kinds of tools are also perfect for any beginners that don’t really have any experience in the field, so if you’re one of those business owners then definitely make sure to keep an eye out for this particular part.


A lot of people have incredible plans for their businesses and they want them to grow very quickly, however something that they don’t do is plan about that while choosing the best website builder for their business in the US. If you want your business to grow then you need to make sure that you’re giving it all of the necessary tools that will allow it to do so in a seamless way that won’t interrupt your day-to-day business deals. You need to look for an option that is scalable, which means it will adapt to any changes that are happening to your website as it grows. Of the biggest problems with a lot of these builders is that they create websites that can’t handle any advanced higher traffic, so you need to look for a solution that won’t fail you in regards to that.


Since the website is your business, you want to make sure that your customers are getting the best first impression possible when they enter it. The best way that you can do that is making sure that you’re using a solution that will give you incredible design options, such as templates. Using a great template is a very easy and simple way for you to get excellent design without a lot of effort or hard work, which is why we always recommend looking for it. You also want to make sure that the website builders that you’re looking at offer free template options as well, because a lot of the time their paid for options can be quite expensive so having free options to choose from is always a great thing to have, just in case your budget doesn’t stretch that much.

Shopify- the best solution for you

Amongst all of the different options available out there, one of our very favorite has to be Shopify. This is a tool that started off as a website builder for small businesses, that later on evolved into one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. When we compare this solution to all of its competitors, we can see that it offers the most for the best price, and it is by far the easiest to use. The interface is incredibly user-friendly, so you will have no issues dealing with it no matter how much, or how little, experience you may have. When it comes to the design, you can be sure that you will be able to choose between some of the best templates in the business, because the templates are actually a big part of what makes Shopify as famous as it is. The excellent security that this platform offers is also one of the things that makes it incredibly famous, and since security is definitely something that you really need to look for when looking for these tools, we can see that Shopify will definitely do the job. Shopify is also incredibly scalable and will allow your business to grow seamlessly, while adapting to all of its growing needs. There is also the Shopify Plus part of the solution which is meant for businesses that really have an intention of growing very quickly, so you may want to check that out as well.

Sometimes having a lot of different options to choose from when looking for the perfect tool can actually make things worse for you, so we hope that by reading this article you will have a better idea of what your business in the US actually needs. We really hope that you enjoyed this article, that you found it useful and educational, and that we helped you learn something new, and we definitely hope that you will keep it in mind when looking for the perfect builder for your website. Make sure to check us out Shopify as well, because we are sure that your business will appreciate it if you do sell.

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